Picturing Us… | Across 116th Street

Lyfe Silva and Mason Horton during a portrait session at Casita Maria, November 2012.

“Picturing Us…” (2011 - present) began as an experiment in collaborative portraiture and collective authorship. Using an extra-long cable release, families create (self)portraits. For a gallery of images documenting the process, click HERE.  

Donavan at the Laundry Room, June 2013.

"Across 116th Street," a layered multi-disciplinary community portrait, takes place along the entirety of 116th Street in Manhattan, from the Hudson River to the East River. Beginning in May 2013, I have been facilitating sidewalk portrait workshops and leading river-to-river walks. Visit the Tumblr for a living archive of digital content on or about 116th Street - http://across116thstreet.tumblr.com/