a score to keep time / a score to lose time / but never yourself, in it

solo exhibition curated by Carlos Rosales-Silva, presented at Sadie Halie Projects in Minneapolis, MN, September 29 - October 20, 2017. supported by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. 

Improvisation is essential when navigating inequitable power structures. The performances, texts, and objects made by Sonia Louise Davis are the result of a radical politic of resistance acutely informed by personal experience and a cosmology of activism and post-colonial art and race theory. Sonia’s practice expands on her training as a jazz vocalist into thoughtfully staged solo and collaborative performances that integrate experimental sound, objects, movement, and time into deeply affecting experiential works. Similarly, her improvisational skills are felt in the abstract paintings, prints, and sculptures that ignore imagined boundaries of western art materials in favor of weavings interrupted by LED filament and translucent paintings on paper infused with coconut oil. In the fog of our current political climate these experimental and abstract works are experienced as beacons of veracity. In a time where facts are losing political currency Sonia Louise Davis’ work is more essential than ever.
— Carlos Rosales-Silva, 2017